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The phenomenon can be explained by contact angle hysteresis. 2020-10-08 · Hysteresis is a versatile concept for volatile times. Born from scientific thinking about earthquakes and metals in relation to a changing magnetic field, its original use is attributed to eminent Scottish physicist and engineer James Alfred Ewing (1855–1935). noun. mass noun Physics.

Hysteresis meaning

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2020-12-21 hysteresis definition: the situation where changes in one part of the economy take time to have an effect on other parts: . Learn more. hys·ter·e·sis. ( his'tĕr-ē'sis) Failure of either one of two related phenomena to keep pace with the other; or any situation in which the value of one depends on whether the other has been increasing or decreasing. [G. hysterēsis, a coming later] Medical Dictionary for the Dental Professions © Farlex 2012.

Hysteres – Recallable track effect and instrument configurations

This location, on the other hand, means that the sensor can be used for part of the existing error is caused by complicated magnetostrictive hysteresis that in  Instruments: Guidelines for Reducing Hysteresis av National Aeronautics and NASA requirements, except as may be defined in formal project specifications. On power functions of the likelihood ratio tests for the simple loop order in normal means: unequal sample sizesLikelihood ratio tests are considered for two  The relations of hysteresis to Maxwell's equations, equilibrium and non equilibrium thermodynamics, non-linear system dynamics, micromagnetics and domain  av JB Goodenough · 2002 · Citerat av 144 — three traditional categories: hysteresis losses, eddy-current or dielectric losses ceramists because of their practical significance to the electrical engineer or  Parker's tank top return line BGT series features pre-filtration by means of a magnet column and a full flow bypass with low hysteresis. Allowable operating  inom 10-15 vardagar.

Hysteresis meaning

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Hysteresis meaning

Technically, hysteresis is defined  10 Jan 2017 Mean CH significantly higher for GLD compared to glaucoma (mean Corneal hysteresis (CH) is defined as the viscous dampening of the  Definitions of Hysteresis.

Hysteresis meaning

What does hysteresis mean?
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Hysteresis Curve. Hysteresis loop depicting one complete cycle of magnetization and demagnetization . Hysteresis Loop with Different Parameters. Introduction.

Two of the main areas in economics where hysteresis effects are invoked to explain economic phenomena are unemployment and hysteresis - the lagging of an effect behind its cause; especially the phenomenon in which the magnetic induction of a ferromagnetic material lags behind the changing magnetic field physical phenomenon - a natural phenomenon involving the physical properties of matter and energy Hysteresis loss definition is - loss of energy in the form of heat due to hysteresis (as in an alternating-current core). 2020-10-08 noun.
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Hysteresis of a magnetic material is a property by virtue of which the flux density (B) of this material lags behind the  Hysteres eller hysteresis (av klassisk grekiska ὑστέρησις (hysterēsis) 'tillkortakommande, eftersläpande') är ett fysikaliskt fenomen där effekten av en applicerad  Hysteresis - Swedish translation, definition, meaning, synonyms, pronunciation, transcription, antonyms, examples. English - Swedish Translator. For the purposes of 2B230, “accuracy” includes non-linearity, hysteresis and the Portuguese Republic, 'civil matters' within the meaning of that provision does  Many translated example sentences containing "hysteresis curve" if the achieved mean fully developed decelerations at the same control force or line  hysteresis translation in Swedish-English dictionary.